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Collection: AGHA NOOR Clothing

Agha Noor Clothing is Pakistan's first brand that was introduced by two dynamic, young, and determined Pakistanis who were not the least bit intimidated or discouraged by the fact that there's so much competition in this industry.

Agha Hira and Agha Noor, both 22 & 17 respectively at the time, now have almost 3,000 people working for them.

They really have come a long way in accomplishing the goal of making their name extremely influential within this field!

No doubt Agha Noor brand is the most renowned name in fashion circles across Pakistan.

The designers of this dynamic label are famous for using creative techniques, beautiful embroidery, and a rich palette which have become the trademark style of this designer collection.

At Agha Noor, everyone has exactly what they’re looking for, from traditional to contemporary kurtas in almost every color imaginable.

Ladies organize many parties every year where they boast new Kurtas from this franchise which is known for its unique designs and exclusive fabrics.

That has made it so successful amongst buyers with its extensive range of products.

Collection of Agha Noor

Agha Noor Clothing Velvet Edition

Agha Noor has a lot to say about their dresses.
The dresses are bright-colored velvet with a printed design and an immaculate floral finish along with the silhouette of bloated organza sleeves and fashionable pockets.

That is combined with high-line urban A-line pants with floral details. Their price range for normal Kurtis is between 2k to 5k but if we talk about formal dresses then it’s above 5 thousand rupees.

Agha Noor Clothing Velvet Edition

Embroidered Agha Noor Collection

If you're looking for a top that is captivating, exclusive, and already boasts a chic look even when it's not being worn, designer Agha Noor has the tunic for you.

The exquisite hand embroidery woven directly into its fabric gives the garment an elegant and unique look, not to mention its comfy feel.
Wear it in tights or even better with a dress and you'll fall in love!

Collection for all Season

To accommodate the ever-changing demands of Pakistani women in the fashion world.

Aga Noor presents exciting new designs and styles every season to suit each of the four main seasons: spring, summer, monsoon, and winter.

The prices of Aga Noor's clothes are reasonable for any woman with a budget.

But their seasonal sales offer a great opportunity to save money by getting huge discounts on any clothing that isn't already sold.

Collection for all season

Now available at House of Huda

At Agha Noor, we know you have a busy life and want to get great-looking clothes without breaking your budget.

We make it our mission not to prevent you from being part of the latest fashion trends with high-quality clothing at prices you can access affordably.

Visit the House of Huda online today and we'll be happy to help you shop for all of your next wardrobe's must-haves!

For Online Shopping

Agha Noor offers a high-quality Kurtis fusion, combining an emphasis on distinctive design and style.

Agha Noor is showing to avail their sheer look collection from their multiple brands in different cities, but they're also giving us options to purchase online, which is provided at

Agha Noor understands the changing needs of women’s fashion by implementing unique solutions for all style questions.

They conducted an in-depth market study and data analysis to accentuate our products' regulation, quality, and comfort.

For online shopping

Perfect for all Shapes and Sizes

Known for its fabulous collection of authentic Pakistani dresses, Agha Noor Fashion creates modern and designer clothes that fit all shapes.
The brand is well known for offering reasonable prices that don't burn a hole in your pocket.

With a range of colors to choose from, the present designs really stand out on their own along with the classy cut that goes below the knee with its unique details like embroidery.

This makes you look traditional without compromising on beauty.

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Every week, the House of Huda has a new find.
It’s the brand that never sleeps as it creates an array of new designs every week and each one is as unique and inspiring as the other.

The collection likes to fuse contemporary color combinations with traditional motifs in a rather unconventional manner, which may make it an instant hit with women of all varieties!

Their affordable pricing and high demand on social media results in them being sold out almost every time.

But that doesn't mean you won't be able to get your hands on their latest masterpiece; by signing up for our newsletters here at House of Huda.

You’ll be notified immediately when a piece from their irresistible collection goes live

FAQs Related to Agha Noor Clothing

Who is the owner of Agha Noor?

It's been less than three years since the launch of Agha Noor and already the brand has experienced phenomenal growth, propelling CEO Agha Hira to call it 'miraculous.'

How do I contact Agha Noor?

Please contact customer service and provide us with images of the defective product you received at within 7 days of delivery.

After we examine the products, you will be offered an exchange with the same price value if it is available in stock.

We never want our customers to be unsatisfied with their purchases, which is why we would like to remind you that when you order from us.

You will receive a refund if something goes wrong and the product was damaged during or after shipping. We at House of Huda will make it right!

Why Agha Noor is always sold out?

Pakistani brand, Agha Noor has introduced a new masterpiece every week to the public.

They are known for their innovative designs and bright colors; they have become a favorite of women all around the country!
Combined with various embroidery styles, every piece is sold out each week.